"We're tired."


Cari ia, dan jumpa ia.

Hello , we would like to introduce a little challenge game from us, which is CTF4D3. As you refer to the Event’s & CTF’s page, we’ve already introduced a few sections. However, what is important in this game, is to never modify any of the code if one of our CTFs if it has a connection such as a live broadcast. Our other friends also want to play, right? So, avoid if any half of our CTF can behave exploit elements. CTF this time too, different from the others. You need to be aware of every piece of information available, including the names of the files we place. It is also one to access files that have such elements as Username, Password, Id or something related to it. For your information, if you want to send the Flag, you really need to put the format as follows: CTF4D3{Flag_Here}. That’s also an important thing before sending any Flags if already found.

Thank you and Goodluck.




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